"هرگز تسلیم نشو"

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FORGE advocates for men travelling solo to have the means to fulfill their potential, and works alongside them in navigating their way towards becoming independent and active members of society.

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How do we do it?

FORGE operates primarily as an info hub in Athens, Greece.

In our small space, every action is a collaborative effort: we expect our participants to be active in every aspect of their circumstances. We build reciprocal and dynamic relationships which result in these men developing resources, knowledge and control.

Asylum Process

∙ Access to Skype ∙ Mediation of asylum claims and communication with relevant authorities ∙ Information on asylum procedure ∙ Individual case work ∙ Visa applications ∙

Basic Needs

∙ Info hub for services and activities ∙ Navigation of bureaucratic procedures ∙ Distribution for those sleeping rough ∙ Referrals to legal, medical, psychological, education, accommodation services ∙


∙ Curriculum vitae; cover letter writing ∙ Job interview preparation ∙ Job search navigation ∙ Connections to opportunities, workshops, courses ∙ Guidance through unemployment benefits system ∙


∙ Community support and connection ∙ Network building ∙ A safe, calm atmosphere where men can freely share their needs, concerns and opinions ∙


∙ Advocacy for men travelling solo ∙ Tackling of misinformation ∙ Commitment to listen, to remain flexible and mindful of our participants needs; and developing our services accordingly ∙

"موږ ډیر مثبت لیدلوری لرو چې نړۍ تراوسه لیدلې ده"

Our objectives

We believe that supporting men traveling solo should be central to social development and aid delivery, given their potential to enrich their host nation’s society when provided with the initial support required by any individual.

We are committed to challenging stereotypes and to supporting these men, both individually and as a community, to help them to build a solid base of knowledge and a support network to work towards stability, integration and autonomy.

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How can you help?

"و عندما أشاهد هذه الصور تعطيني قوة من أجل تحقيق ما أريده وتعرفني لماذا اعيش وتعطيني دفعه كبيره من أجل تحقيق حلمي"

FORGE for humanity

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