"هرگز تسلیم نشو"

FORGE advocated for men travelling solo to have the means to fulfill their potential, and worked alongside them in navigating their way towards becoming independent and active members of society.

On July the 27th, FORGE had to permanently cease its work due to lack of funding.
We are very happy to have gotten to learn and work with such an array of wonderful people.
We will be forever grateful to all of you.

Best of luck,

Jess & Ale.

"موږ ډیر مثبت لیدلوری لرو چې نړۍ تراوسه لیدلې ده"

What now?

We still believe that supporting men traveling solo should be central to social development and aid delivery, and remain committed to challenging stereotypes and to supporting these men, both individually and as a community.

If you share our believes and want to keep advocating for men traveling solo, consider supporting our dearest colleagues from Mazí Housing Project, who have been providing safe, stable housing and support for young displaced men who are homeless and unaccompanied in Athens since 2017.