Office Opening

grand opening

Grand Opening

This week we’ll be opening our office at Spartis 16, Plateia Amerikis, Athens. We’ve been lucky to have a dedicated team of guys making the journey every day from Malakasa camp to help us with the renovations. Huge thanks to Amin, Samim, Elyas, Reza, Zabi, Ameer and Baloo for your time and your technical skills, which have made all the difference.

Thank you also to Adam Land for coming all the way from England to help us with sanding, plastering, cementing and the million other things that arose on a daily basis. We definitely couldn’t have done it this fast without all of you!

We’ll be using the office for personal consultations with the guys about their individual asylum cases and connecting them to psychological and legal services, as well as for general information workshops about their rights, employability and education. We’re also planning to have the occasional social event to help build support networks in a positive environment.

Stop by and visit us any time…between the hours of 10am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday 🙂

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