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Our overarching vision at FORGE is to bring the importance of supporting single men to the forefront of how we think about social development and aid delivery for refugees and asylum seekers.

The current model for emergency aid is designed to provide temporary solutions, forcing many to live in a transitory state for months or years. Single men in particular are left out of most services, which prioritise traditionally vulnerable groups, meaning that they suffer from the greatest marginalisation in this humanitarian crisis, while simultaneously being the group with the most potential to contribute socially and economically.

At FORGE we advocate for a long-term approach that offers alternatives, opportunities and resources through which people can achieve self-sufficiency.

Thanks to our firsthand experience, extensive research, and formidable network of contacts, we have designed a solid program that covers the needs of single men to the maximum and provides the necessary tools to develop ambition and advance towards independence.


Our overall objective is the maximum normalization of lifestyle and living conditions for single men, understanding normalization as independence from social aid and support systems.

We pursue this by basing all of our actions on 4 components:


To promote inclusion of single men in the community by encouraging participation in the socio-cultural scene of the city, and creating connections to help them build a stable support network.


To boost independence through support thats helps them take back control of their own lives, and counteracting the effects of institutionalization in refugee camps.


To facilitate objective and subjective stability by providing a safe place to live, essential to developing a successful future.


To be mindful of the job we are doing through the recognition of individuality and respect for cultural differences. By being flexible in our approach, we do not assume to know what each person needs.


We are a diverse group who, through volunteering in Greece since 2016, noticed a gaping hole in the services being provided by organisations on the ground: support for single men.

After tolerating stagnant camp life, help is crucial for this population, both in terms of stable living conditions and psychosocial support.